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To book your workshop,
please email us at

1 week workshop (5 days, Mon-Fri) - $975

2 week workshop (10 days, Mon-Fri) - $1950

If you wish to partake in a shorter workshop, please send us an email to inquire.

Prices for Hotel Universo
We recommend Hotel Universo to our artists and students because of its outstanding accomodations and key location in Lucca.
Special Studio Borgo Prices - Hotel Universo offers our students and instructors 15% off.

For example, if you arrived in Italy on a Sunday for a
one week workshop and left Italy on Saturday:
Your workshop would cost $975 + 6 nights at
Hotel Universo

Click here for a US Dollar/Euro up-to-date converter

San Martino

San Martino, the Cathedral of Lucca

Medieval gate outside of Studio Borgo in Piazza Della Chiesa

Student with long dark hair painting a still-life in the studio

Closeup of male student mixing paint for a landscape

Closeup of a male student drawing a statue of man on a horse with cobblestones in background



We are accepting reservations for the following dates:


July 24 - 28 with Thomas Germano

*More weeks to be added later.
Inquire or check our website for updates.
Please note that our workshops run from Monday to Friday.
If you would like to attend a workshop for less than one week, feel free to email us at



* Studio Borgo reserves the right to modify courses or substitute instructors when necessary. Studio Borgo reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose behavior is considered disruptive to the class group. Obviously, standards of good behavior and respect are expected. Studio Borgo cannot accommodate students with outstanding special needs. No visitors allowed in class. No substitutes may be sent to a class or workshop as all students must be registered.

Classes not held due to bad weather or instructor’s absence will be made up unless a substitute teacher is available for class to meet. Students who miss classes by their own decision, will not receive a refund or make-up.

If the bank returns your check due to insufficient funds, there will be a $20 charge.

Studio Borgo • 44 Via San Gemma Galgani, Cerreto, Borgo a Mozzano, LU Italy 55023

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