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The Artist Workshop

One week or two week workshops
Workshops are Monday-Friday from 9am - 2pm with a family style lunch on two studio days and a farewell dinner on Friday. Meals are served outside the studio on the beautiful grounds overlooking the Serchio Valley. Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays are in the Studio at Borgo a Mozzano. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, students will enjoy historic art excursions in the city of Lucca. Studio Borgo tailors workshops according to the desired media each student prefers to work in including drawing with graphite, charcoal, conte crayon and/or pastel and painting with oil or acrylic.

PDF Guide cover

Download our PDF Guide.
Especially designed for artists and students of
Studio Borgo, it contains helpful information on
making the most of your travel to Lucca.

One, two or three day art classes
We offer short workshops that run one, two or three days if you are in Lucca and would like to study art during your stay. This shorter schedule allows you to take part in other activities during the week while still having a few days of art instruction in Tuscany.

What's Included
(Based on a one or two week workshop).

  • Instruction tailored to your needs.
  • All art materials (except brushes).
  • Use of the art studio and facility.
  • Three homemade, family style lunches.

Inside the studio and around Lucca
Unlike other programs in Italy, a week at Studio
Borgo includes drawing and painting inside an
inspiring studio space as well as outdoors. Because
we are in beautiful Lucca, Italy, we also have the added benefit of surrounding architecture, natural beauty, artwork and historic sights which will contribute greatly to your learning experience. Some of our days include visits to some of these historically important sights. There is also tremendous value in the discussion and critique of work, so our classes include all of these facets of study to complete our well rounded and exciting program.

2 easels on the wall in Lucca

Student creating still-life with pastel

Drawing in Italy
In the early 16th Century, Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci faced off in a competitive commission that resulted in amazing drawing studies for the Council Hall at the Palazzo Vecchio. Those great works helped to elevate drawing as a true art form, rather than merely a prelude to painting and sculpture.

At Studio Borgo, we will cover drawing subjects
such as still-life, the figure and working from the
Old Masters, a respected tradition since the earliest days of academic art training. Available drawing
media includes pencil, charcoal, conte crayon and chalk pastel. All drawing supplies are provided by Studio Borgo.



Students painting in the studio

Closeup of hand painting a canvas on the wall in Lucca

Painting in Italy
The great tradition of painting started in the region of Tuscany approximately 700 years ago. Continue on a journey that began with legendary painters such as Cimabue, Giotto and Duccio.

Our lessons in still-life and plein air landscape will prove to be both challenging and enjoyable for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Newcomers to painting will discover the importance of a process that allows for the necessary evolution to take place...shapes becoming forms and then, the eventual conveying of detailed information.The more seasoned artist will look to our experienced art instructors to provide invaluable support that will foster and cultivate their own unique vision.

At Studio Borgo, you will have access to oil paint and/or acrylic.

Learning to Use Color Successfully
The best methods for mixing color will certainly be discussed and put into practice on our painting days. For those who want to learn even more about successfully working with color, students will have access to color chalk pastel on drawing days in the Borgo a Mozzano studio. Whether you are seeking an understanding of the realist palette or ways to create more expression and emphasis, the art of controlling color will be thoroughly explored.

Five Things to Look for When Choosing an Artist Workshop in Italy Flag

An artist workshop in Italy is an incredible adventure! It can also be a life-changing event that can forever impact your creative future. You want to look back years from now and remember your experience in a positive light so it's important to know these seven things to look for when choosing your artist workshop in Italy.

1. Expert Instruction
Your art course should be taught by an expert in the field who has proven experience with all levels from beginner to advanced. A professional art educator with a strong resume and exhibition record who has produced excellent artwork are essentials. Finding an idyllic setting in Italy is easy, but with all of your planning and anticipation of such a wonderfully cultural trip, you should feel confident that your artist workshop will be an exciting and authentic learning experience.

2. Location
There are many beautiful places to choose from in Italy, but you may not want your artist workshop to take place in an isolated location or in an area that is cut off from important cities, landmarks, works of art and means of transportation.
A peaceful environment is imperative, but just the right balance can make a big difference. Your creative experience can include both tranquility and inspiration from discovering an ancient, historic Italian city. And during your down time, access to great restaurants and sites can make your trip all the more memorable.

3. Accommodations
Beware of hostel-style accommodations. If it's comfort you seek, on-site accommodations can be nice, but they can also be extremely minimal and provide little comfort. The on-site stay may also be lacking in choices or the possibility to switch rooms. Reputable hotels or apartments with amenities in the "centro storico" (historical city center) may be the perfect respite after a day of creating artwork.

4. Flexibility
Whether you seek a workshop for plein air painting, basic foundations, portraiture or advanced drawing technique, you should choose an artist workshop that is happy to accommodate your needs as an artist or art student. A quality workshop should provide a level of instruction that is comfortable to you while being challenging enough to encourage creative growth and new, exciting directions.

5. Reviews and Testimonials
What people are saying, especially previous students, is a great indicator of a good program. When reading reviews and testimonials, be sure to take note of all aspects mentioned including the location, accommodations and meals, in addition to the artist workshop itself.

6. What is Included
Do you have to buy your own art supplies? Are meals included? And if so, what are they like? Meals cooked for large groups with the "traveler" or "tourist" in mind can prove to be less than authentic. Meals that reflect the regional fare and cooked with local ingredients that indulge the senses can make your experience a rich and memorable one. And a workshop that does not include supplies or meals can end up being needlessly more costly and less convenient in the long run.

7. Beautiful Studio Space
You should expect your art studio in Italy to be well stocked with good materials and quality equipment. And, this space should be both stimulating and comfortable. Working "en plein air (in open air)" is incredible in Italy, but toiling away at a project in a beautiful Italian art studio may evoke the spirit of the great old master workshops. And if the elements dictate an unexpected change in outdoor plans, it's certainly good to know that an inspiring and comfortable art studio awaits, equipped for even the hottest and coldest days with air conditioning and heat.

Photos for seven things to look for when choosing an art workshop in Italy


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